Centre for Distance and Continuing Education

University of Peradeniya

Centre for Distance and Continuing Education

University of Peradeniya

Convocation Ceremony for External Graduands 2019/2020

Message from the Chancellor

Professor G.H. Peiris

While I offer my thanks to the Vice-Chancellor and the Director of ‘Distance and Continuing Education’, for inviting me to participate in this event, I wish I had the privilege of doing so at the usual convocation venue in our resplendent campus instead at a rented premises, that thought being impelled, not by a deficiency of the present venue, but because the decision to hold this event at the present site appears to be due to intimidatory insistence by those who suffer from the misconception that the university campus is their exclusive preserve, based evidently on the “මේක අපේ බජාර් එක” mentality, believed to prevail in the underworld gangland. It is distressing to learn that some of these demented malcontents who enforce their will on decision-making are found even among the intellectual elite of our country.

More generally, what I should also stress is that the assets of our university such as those of the Central Library ‒ one of only two ‘Deposit Libraries’ of Sri Lanka, the other being the ‘National Archives’ ‒ should be open to all, subject only to restrictions pertaining to security, and to the seriousness of purpose of the prospective user.

The graduands assembled here constitute a treasured segment of our university community. They have, indeed, enhanced their value by devoting their own resources at a time of unprecedented hardship, in the pursuit of enrichment of their knowledge through ‘Continuing Education’. What they have achieved is not merely a qualification in the form of a degree or a diploma. I am certain that it will enhance their capacity to serve our country, while advancing in their own career prospects.

I offer them my congratulations, hoping for their enduring loyalty to the university, and wishing them happiness and success in all their endeavours.

Message from the Vice-Chancellor

Professor M.D.Lamawansa

With immense pleasure, I send this congratulatory message for the Centre for Distance & Continuing Education (CDCE) convocation ceremony, the largest centre attached to the University of Peradeniya. I congratulate all of the graduands for their tremendous achievements in their lives.

The benefits of remote and continuing education have long been acknowledged by the University of Peradeniya. As the nation's first center to offer accredited external degrees, the CDCE is committed to providing quality education with a well-recognized curriculum.

You have chosen to pursue an external degree for a variety of reasons. This does not alter the fact that your degree indicates how diligently you worked and the academic excellence you have achieved.

Distance and Continuing Education is a safety net in our society designed to help those unable to obtain the benefits of a University education immediately after completing their school education. Distance learning is more than just a means to get a degree. But it also fits with the role of education in postmodern culture and lets you improve your life skills, broaden your mind, and boost your sense of self-worth while earning a credential that will help you broaden your horizons.

Dear graduates, your education is a valuable asset and a pillar of your life. To address dynamic global challenges, you must put your degree-acquired knowledge and abilities to use. To do that, you must constantly improve your linguistic abilities and the futuristic, tech-savvy living skills you will need to survive. I believe you will stick to your morals, serve your country, and help build a more fair society by using your knowledge and natural talent.

I'd like to thank the CDCE Board of Management, the Director, and the rest of the team for everything they did to make this convocation happen.

I encourage you to stay in touch with us by becoming a member of PERA Alumni.

Once again, I wish you continued success with a prosperous future.

Message from the Dean Faculty of Arts

Doctor E.M.P.C.S. Ekanayake

I extend my warmest congratulations to the 2019-2020 external graduates of the University of Peradeniya, along with your proud parents and teachers.

Today’s External Graduation Ceremony marks a momentous occasion in the history of the University of Peradeniya, as we celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Faculty of Arts. The grandeur of this day is a celebration of the pinnacle of our graduates’ hardwork, commitment, and dedication to an institutionalized education of over a decade, and a tribute to the commitment of their parents, educators and many others who shed silent tears and sweat along the way, supporting them in this lifetime accomplishment. I consider this as my highest privilege and pleasure to address such a special group who has worked so tirelessly to produce the country’s best harvest.

Our mission is to ensure that the graduates become socially conscious professionals who are valuable assets for our country’s development. Every one of you is a much-valued asset produced through public investment.

We applaud you for your resilience in forging ahead despite the multiple socio-economic fissures created by the ongoing crisis. May you be able to achieve all your dreams with resilience, courage, and determination. I am certain that you have the required attributes and strength to forge ahead in your chosen fields with honesty and integrity, address the needs of vulnerable groups in our communities with compassion, and be role models in our society.

I take this opportunity to profoundly acknowledge all their efforts and thank the graduands of 2019 /2020. It is with gratitude that I appreciate all those who have been with us, the Faculty of Arts, on this adventurous and exciting journey – the academic staff, non-academic staff, the authorities and administrators, the supporters and well-wishers, the Industry and the family members. Furthermore, I also pay my utmost respect and gratitude to all the healthcare personnel and other parties who have been engaged tirelessly in protecting us all from the unseen dangers during the last few years.

Congratulations to you all! You are now putting yourselves in the front lines to face challenges and achieve better in the field of Arts for the advancement of our nation. It is our hope that you will direct your efforts to improve our society and lifestyle, being the front-runners to bring us all toward greater success.

I am sure, you will take the lead in driving our country towards sustainable development. May your professional paths forward be filled with exploration, joy, and satisfaction as you use your intellectual talents to improve lives and make the world a healthier and a more sustainable place!

With the education you have been able to pursue, I urge you not to stop here but to give back to the community now. Your hard work and your productivity are very essential for the betterment of society. I encourage you and commend you for your success today. Congratulations once again to our new graduates!

Message from the Dean Faculty of Management

Professor E.M.A.S.B. Ekanayake

It is a great pleasure to send this message on the occasion of the Convocation for External graduands of the University of Peradeniya – 2022. On behalf of the Faculty of Management, University of Peradeniya, I would like to extend my best wishes to those who are graduating at this Convocation in general and the graduands of the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) External degree programme in particular. The Faculty of Management of the University of Peradeniya has been offering the BBA External degree programme since 2015 through the Centre for Distance and Continuing Education (CDCE) of the University of Peradeniya. These are the 8th and 9th batches of the BBA External degree programme graduating this year and so far, more than 200 students have been awarded this degree.

In line with the University’s broad objective of expanding itsservices to a large community, the Faculty of Management has already taken steps to provide the opportunity for those who could not earn an internal degree programme by the State Universities of the country to earn a degree level qualification in management. I have the honour to record that this BBA External degree programme is the first and the only degree offered online at the University of Peradeniya. Moreover, with the objective of helping those who aspire to get a qualification in management, the Faculty of Management has also introduced a Diploma in Management and Development in the three main languages of the country, namely, Sinhala, Tamil, and English.

I sincerely believe that those who successfully completed the BBA External programme and obtain their degrees today have acquired contemporary knowledge in management in main business functions, developed required skills and right attitudes so that they will be able to secure better career prospects in the industry. I wish them well in all their future endeavors.

Message from Director Centre for Distance and Continuing Education

Professor Rathnayake M. Abeyrathne

As the current Director of the Center for Continuing Education of the University of Peradenya, I am really honored to send this congratulatory massage to 2019/2020 BA and BBA graduands of our university, their parents, teachers and their well-wishers on their life long achievement. You all should be proud of yourselves because you have sacrificed many freshest things in your lives over the past few years to obtain a professional degree from the most prestigious university in Sri Lanka.

The University of Peradeniya ranks as the leading higher education institute in the country according to many recent international higher education research organizations’ ranking results. Having realized the limited opportunities available for all qualifying students to enter national universities, the University of Peradeniya initiated the first ever external degree programme in the country in 1964. Since then the University of Peradeniya was able to produce more than 15000 graduates in Sinhala, Tamil and English media and they currently serve the country at various capacities to uplift the living standard of the people of Sri Lanka. The Vision of the Centre is to provide equal opportunities for all aspiring to further their career goals.

We all know that education develops critical thinking. This is vital in teaching a person how to use logic when making decisions and interacting with people (e.g. boosting creativity, enhancing time management). Education helps an individual meets basics job qualifications and makes him/her more likely to secure better jobs. In addition, education provides stability in life, and it is something that no one can ever take away from you. By being well-educated and holding a degree from a reputed university like Peradeniya, you increase your chances for better career opportunities and open up new doors for yourself.

It should be mentioned that the Center for Distance and Continuing Education took all possible measures to organize this convocation last year but due to the prevailing Covid 19 pandemic situation, political instabilities and economic hardships in the country, it prevented us from organizing the due convocation for external graduands. Nevertheless, the Center is pleased that it was able to take all necessary measures to organize the year 2019/2020 external convocation as a glamorous and memorable event at the National Cooperate Development Institute, Polgolla in 2022.

The Centre wishes to record its appreciation to the Chancellor, the Vice-Chancellor, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, the Members of the Board of Management of the CDCE, the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, the Dean of the Faculty of Management, all the administrative officers of the University, all the resource persons who participated in conducting academic programmes in the two faculties and all the administrative and academic support members of the CDCE for their selfless dedication to make this convocation a reality.

Now that you are a graduate, it is time to be courageous. Life is full of lessons that will challenge you all along the way. The journey of life brings both challenges and chances. May you carry your spirit to snatch the chances and beat the challenges. Once again, Congratulations on your graduation. May you live a proud life.