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Bachelor of Arts (BA)

The Faculty of Arts, University of Peradeniya, the Centre of Excellence of social sciences and humanities in the country currently produces over 2000 graduates annually. The B.A. degree is offered through the Centre for Distance and Continuing Education [CDCE] which is in operation since 1979.

The curriculum of the Bachelor of Arts degree which has not been subjected to a comprehensive revision in the recent past thus the curriculum was completely revised during the past few years with the aim of producing graduates with more practical and skillful in the disciplines offered by the Faculty of Arts introducing the advances made in the disciplines. The revision is aimed at promoting wider exposure to curricular in specific subjects and ensuring that the Degree holder would have essential knowledge and skills.

The new curriculum structure consists of course units which reflect the quantum of work accomplished by a student over an academic year. The courses are arranged in three levels (100-300) -one level per academic year. A student should earn ninety credits to become eligible to graduate.

The following are the main features of the proposed program of study

1.Organization of the degree program under level-based (100-300) examinations. [The existing Bachelor of Arts (External) Degree program consists of a General Qualifying Examination (GAQ) and a General Degree Examination].

2.Provision of more course options for the learner to choose from.

3.Introduction of Foundation and Supplementary courses: the Foundation courses are designed to provide background knowledge required to learn more advanced course contents while the Supplementary courses aim to ensure that the students acquire a sufficient breadth of knowledge and skills, which have been recognized as important attributes of graduates.

Basic qualification for entry shall be three passes in one sitting at G.C.E. (A/L) examination with a minimum aggregate mark/Z score as determined by the UGC. The University in concurrence with the UGC shall determine and advertise GCE (A/L) subject combinations for the degree which shall be published annually. The University reserves the right to change the admission criteria.
The Degree program is of three (03) academic year duration. Further details are contained in the ‘Rules and Regulations’ section.
A student who has fulfilled all the requirements of the degree shall be awarded a Class provided the student fulfills the following levels of CFGPA subject to other applicable regulations. In order to be eligible for a Class, a student must complete the Degree within three years unless extensions have been granted by the relevant Board of Study.

First Class ≥ 3.70
Second Class (Upper) 3.30 – 3.69
Second Class (lower) 3.00 – 3.29
Pass 2.00 - 2.99

How is the GPA Calculated?

The GPA for each student is calculated using the formula GPA=∑cigi/

Gi = grade point of the ith course

Ci = number of units of the ith course

The results of assessments will be reported as follows. A Grade Point ranging from 0.00-4.00 and corresponding letter grades of ‘E’ to ‘A/A +’ according to the following table will be assigned. In this scheme, D+ and D are considered weak passes. The grade ‘E’ indicates failure. The course grade guide is as follows;

A+ = 4.00 B+ = 3.30 C+ = 2.30 D+ =1.30
A =4.00 B = 3.00 C = 2.00 D = 1.00
A- =3.70 B- = 2.70 C- = 1.70 E = 0.00

100 Foundation FNDE 101 Basic English Download
100 Foundation FNDE 102 Basic Mathematics Download
100 Foundation FNDE 103 Information Technology Download
100 Core ARBE 101 Modern Arabic Language and Grammar Download
100 Core ARBE 102 Morphology, Rhetoric and Syntax Download
100 Core BSCE 101 History of Buddhism in India Download
100 Core BSCE 102 Doctrines of Theravada Buddhism Download
100 Core BPHE 101 Pre- Buddhist Phil osophical Background Download
100 Core BPHE 102 Early Buddhist Philosophy Download
100 Core ECNE 101 Introduction to Economics Download
100 Core ECNE 102 Comparative Economic Development Download
100 Core ENGE 101 Writing and Comprehension Skills in English Download
100 Core ENGE 102 Pre Eighteenth Century English Poetry and Drama Download
100 Core FREE 101 French Language and Civilization Download
100 Core FREE 102 French Language, Civilization and Teaching Methodology 1 Download
100 Core GGYE 101 Human Geography Download
100 Core GGYE 102 Physical Geography Download
100 Core GRSE 101 Epic and Theatre Download
100 Core GRSE 102 Science and Life Download
100 Core HINE 101 The History of Hinduism Download
100 Core HINE 102 Sources of the Hindu Tradition Download
100 Core HISE 101 History of Sri Lanka up to A.D. 1500 Download
100 Core HISE 102 History of Sri Lanka up to A.D. 1500 to the Present Download
100 Core ISCE 101 Primary Sources of Islamic Sharia Download
100 Core ISCE 102 Islamic History 570-1258 Download
100 Core PALE 101 Prescribed Texts and Tipitaka Literature Download
100 Core PALE 102 Unspecified Texts, Pali Grammar and History of Pàli Grammar Download
100 Core PHYE 101 Problems of Philosophy and Practical Philosophy Download
100 Core PHYE 102 Logic and Logical Theory Download
100 Core PSCE 101 Theory and Practice of State and Government Download
100 Core PSCE 102 Government and Politics of Sri Lanka Download
100 Core SANE 101 Sanskrit Grammar Sinhala Version Download
English Version Download
100 Core SANE 102 Literature in Simple Sanskrit Download
100 Core SINE 101 Sinhala Practical Literary Grammar Download
100 Core SINE 102 Sinhala Literature and Drama up to the 19th Century Sinhala Version Download
English Version Download
100 Core SOCE 101 Introduction to Sociology and Social Anthropology Download
100 Core SOCE 102 Sri Lanka Society Download
100 Core TLGE 101 Modern Tamil Grammar : Phonology, Morphology and Syntax Download
100 Core TLGE 102 Modern Tamil Literature and Literary Criticism Download
200 Core ARBE 201 Classical Arabic and Rhetoric Download
200 Core ARBE 202 Literary History - Jahiliyyah to 750 A.D. Download
200 Core BSCE 201 Schools of Buddhism Download
200 Core BSCE 202 Buddhist Art Download
200 Core BPHE 201 Buddhist Ethics Download
200 Core BPHE 202 Development of Buddhist Doctrine Download
200 Core ECNE 201 Microeconomic Theory Download
200 Core ECNE 202 Macroeconomic Theory Download
200 Core ENGE 201 Eighteenth Century English Literature Download
200 Core ENGE 202 Nineteenth Century British [and American] Poetry and Fiction Download
200 Core FREE201 French Language, Literature and Teaching Methodology 2 Download
200 Core FREE202 French Language, Novel and Teaching Methodology 3 Download
200 Core GGYE 201 Advanced Human Geography Download
200 Core GGYE 202 Advanced Physical Geography Download
200 Core GRSE 201 Greek Literature Download
200 Core GRSE 202 Roman Literature Download
200 Core HINE 201 Hindu Religious and Philosophical Thought Download
200 Core HINE 202 Hinduism in Sri Lanka Download
200 Core HISE 201 History of India from Ancient Times up to 1206 A.D. Download
200 Core HISE 202 History of India from 1206 A.D. to the Present Download
200 Core ISCE 201 Islamic Jurisprudence Download
200 Core ISCE 202 Science and Aesthetic in Islam Download
200 Core PALE 201 Texts and Post Canonical Literature Download
200 Core PALE 202 Unspecified Texts - Translation and Pali Grammar Download
200 Core PHYE 201 Greek, Medieval and Islamic Philosophy Download
200 Core PHYE 202 Political and Social Philosophy Download
200 Core PSCE 201 Public Administration: Theory and Practice Download
200 Core PSCE 202 Political and Social Theory Download
200 Core SANE 201 History of Classical Sanskrit Literature Sinhala Version Download
English Version Download
200 Core SANE 202 Sanskrit Literature in Advanced Sanskrit Sinhala Version Download
English Version Download
200 Core SINE 201 Sociological and Anthropological Theories Download
200 Core SINE 202 Research Methods in Sociology and Social Anthropology Download
200 Core SOCE 201 Sociological and Anthropological Theories Download
200 Core SOCE 202 Research Methods in Sociology and Social Anthropology Download
200 Core TLGE 201 Communication and Journalism in Tamil Download
200 Core TLGE 202 Tamil Literature in the Medieval Period Download
300 Core ARBE 301 Arabic Literary History from 750 A.D to Modern Period Download
300 Core ARBE 302 Composition and Translation of Arabic Download
300 Core BSCE 301 Asian Buddhist Culture Download
300 Core BSCE 302 Sri Lankan Buddhist Culture Download
300 Core BPHE 301 Social and Political Philosophy of Buddhism Download
300 Core BPHE 302 Buddhism and Problems of the Philosophy Download
300 Core ECNE 301 Sri Lankan Economy Download
300 Core ECNE 302 Development Economics Download
300 Core ENGE 301 English Literature of the Twentieth and Twenty First Centuries Download
300 Core ENGE 302 Topics in the Study of the English Language Download
300 Core FREE 301 French Language, Baudelaire and, Teaching Methodology 4 Download
300 Core FREE 302 French Language, Novel and Theatre and, Teaching Methodology 5 Download
300 Core GGYE 301 Cartography Download
300 Core GGYE 302 Regional Geography Download
300 Core GRSE 301 Greek and Roman Literary Theory Download
300 Core GRSE 302 Greek Thought Download
300 Core HINE 201 History of Hindu Art and Architecture Download
300 Core HINE 202 History of Hinduism in North India and South India Download
300 Core HISE 301 History of Europe, 1453 – 1945 Download
300 Core HISE 302 History of the Twentieth Century World Download
300 Core ISCE 301 Theology and Politics Download
300 Core ISCE 302 Islamic Banking and Finance Download
300 Core PALE 301 Canonical and Post-Canonical Texts Download
300 Core PALE 302 Unspecified Texts: Translation and Prose Composition, Pali Grammar Download
300 Core PHYE 301 Indian Philosophy Download
300 Core PHYE 302 Modern Western philosophy Download
300 Core PSCE 301 Comparative Politics and Government Download
300 Core PSCE 302 International Politics Download
300 Core SANE 301 Translation and Composition in Sanskrit English Version Download
Sinhala Version Download
300 Core SANE 302 Theories of Literary Criticism in Sanskrit Sinhala Version Download
English Version Download
300 Core SINE 301 Introduction to Language and the History of Sinhala Language Download
300 Core SINE 302 Culture and Folklore Download
300 Core SOCE 301 Sociology of South Asia Download
300 Core SOCE 302 Applied Sociology Download
300 Core TLGE 301 Classical Literature in Tamil Download
300 Core TLGE 302 History of Tamil Language and Grammatical Tradition Download
Supplementary SUPE 001 Arabic Short Stories and Narratives Download
Supplementary SUPE 002 Astrology (Jyotirvidyā) and Sri Lankan Society Download
Supplementary SUPE 003 Āyurveda, Society, and Cultural Practice Download
Supplementary SUPE 004 Colloquial and Communicative Sinhala Download
Supplementary SUPE 005 Basic Tamil Download
Supplementary SUPE 006 Buddhist Counseling Psychology Download
Supplementary SUPE 006 Buddhist Counseling Psychology Download
Supplementary SUPE 007 Buddhist Psychology Download
Supplementary SUPE 008 Environmental Studies Download
Supplementary SUPE 009 Introduction to Statistics Download
Supplementary SUPE 010 International Relations in Islam Download
Supplementary SUPE 011 Logic and Scientific Method Download
Supplementary SUPE 012 Project Formulation and Evaluation Download
Supplementary SUPE 013 Writing Skills and Academic Writing in Sinhala Download
Supplementary SUPE 014 Writing skills in Tamil Download


The Centre of Distance and Continuing Education, University of Peradeniya is pleased to announce the recommencement of the Bachelor of Arts general (External) degree programme under the revised curriculum. The Centre entertains applications from qualified applicants up to June 30, 2015. The application is obtainable from the website, sending an e-mail to cdce@pdn.ac.lk or visiting the Centre. Please use the following links for further details.